- Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Bulk Excavation & Restoration

Excavation is often one of the most expedient ways to remove environmentally impacted soils. Once excavated, soils need to be removed from the site and transported to a MOECC licensed facility for disposal. The impacted soil must then be replaced with clean fill and restored.

Ground Force Environmental has a fleet of excavators and experienced operators who can cleanly and efficiently move soil. We also have highly-skilled project managers and field staff who will ensure that projects go smoothly and safely.

Once the impacted soil is removed and replaced, Ground Force Environmental has the experience necessary for bulk grading of material in order to restore the site.

Competitive Advantages
  • Equipment is owned and operated by Ground Force Environmental

  • Established relationships with MOECC licensed facilities

  • Commitment and track record when it comes to health and safety on contaminated sites

  • Field staff is highly trained

  • Fully bondable and insured

  • Vast network of disposal facilities and backfill suppliers across the province of ontario