- Ground Force Environmental Inc.


Drilling is often conducted for hydrogeological, geotechnical, and environmental purposes. A successful drilling operation requires the right expertise, experience, and equipment.

Our highly-trained staff has hands-on experience all types of geology and understands the best way to retrieve clean samples whether from flowing sands, tight clays, or bedrock.

Ground Force Environmental has a variety of drilling equipment, ranging from large track mounted rigs such as our Geoprobe to hand operated systems, which allows us to drill in difficult locations such as indoor spaces with limited access or to significant depths below ground surface.

Ground Force Environmental can perform split spoon sampling for geotechnical investigations, hollow-stem augers for monitoring well installation, and direct-push drilling for both soil sampling and injection of remediation chemicals.

Whatever drilling needs you have, rest assured Ground Force Environmental will get it done efficiently, safely and reliably.

Competitive Advantages
  • Ground Force Environmental owns its own drilling equipment allowing for more efficient project scheduling

  • Fast response time for spill scenarios

  • Ability to perform investigations in interior/restricted space