- Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Ex-Situ Remediation

When contamination concentration levels are exceedingly high, where the contaminants themselves are particularly recalcitrant (i.e. metals), or where the client has a short time frame for cleanup, ex-situ remediation can be the best option.

Ground Force Environmental has the technical skill, the experience, and the equipment to do both large-scale and small-scale excavations while maintaining high standards of health and safety. Where necessary, Ground Force Environmental can utilize solutions to shore up walls to prevent structural damage to adjacent buildings.

Additionally, on sites that are far from landfills, disposal costs can be significant. Ground Force Environmental has the capability to treat impacted soils on site either via bioremediation, windrows, or land farming. Even by just reducing the volume of impacted soils requiring disposal, we can help our clients realize significant cost savings.

Competitive Advantages
  • Owned equipment for simple scheduling

  • Staff trained in health and safety

  • Relationships with landfills for soil disposal

  • Mobile MOECC Ministry of the Environment ECAs for onsite treatment