- Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Interior Remediation

In the last century, many factories were built before practices for environmental protection were put into place. As a result, many of these buildings have contamination underneath them or within the structure itself that require remediation.

Ground Force Environmental has a wide range of expertise in remediation techniques including AST/UST removal, interior demolition, garage decommissioning, concrete cutting, hazardous and non-hazardous soil remediation and disposal, water treatment, drilling, underpinning, and sheet pile walls.

Using one or any combination of these techniques, Ground Force Environmental  can handle interior remediation projects of any scope and difficulty and do so safely, efficiently, and on schedule.

Ground Force Environmental  can also incorporate investigative technologies such as MIP and LIF mapping to help accurately map the extent of the impacts.

Competitive Advantages
  • Trained staff with combined decades of experience

  • Owned fleet of equipment for all types of interior work

  • Licensed well technicians/TSSA Petroleum Mechanics – PMH, PM2 and PM3

  • All-in-one service for management, crews, equipment, trucking, disposals, and recycling

  • POST trained

  • Established reputation for environmental remediation work

  • Flexible work hours to complete projects during plant shutdown or after hours to minimize business disruption