- Ground Force Environmental Inc.


Physical removal of oil can often pose a challenge, especially if it is necessary to achieve low concentrations.

Ground Force Environmental understands that doing a job right requires the proper tools and, to that end, Ground Force Environmental is proud to offer MYCELX, a unique self-activating polymer employing innovative molecular cohesion to coagulate hydrocarbons and other contaminants removing them from air and water at higher efficiencies than conventional systems while taking up far less physical space. The MYCELX polymer is hydrophobic, preventing waterlogging which reduces weight in comparison to alternate technologies.

MYCELX is available in several forms with different applications such as cartridges, bags, and snippets for removing oil from water, filters for installation in HVAC systems to treat odor issues, and floating booms for emergency response to surface water spills. The filters fit many standard filter housings and can be installed in pre-existing treatment systems.

MYCELX systems can be used to treat air, groundwater, washwater, stormwater, process water, or bilge water.