- Ground Force Environmental Inc.

Real-Time Delineation

One of the major challenges of environmental cleanup is knowing where the contamination is. With traditional delineation methods, soil and groundwater samples are retrieved from strategic points across the site. However, the picture one receives tend to be fairly low-resolution, with gaps in the data filled in with educated guesses. Increasing picture resolution using traditional methods can be very expensive.

Understanding that better knowledge means better results, Ground Force Environmental offers real-time delineation using high-resolution characterization tools such as Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) tooling.

Using LIF and MIP and our direct-push rigs, we can help you define free phase and dissolved phase impacts at a much higher resolution both horizontally and vertically. Using that data we can create a 3-D map, a powerful visual tool that can help you make the best decisions whether it be about further delineation, remediation strategy, or risk assessment.

Competitive Advantages
  • Company-owned direct-push rigs that are used to advance delineation tooling

  • Remediation specialists with extensive experience