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Stormwater Management Facilities

Stormwater management facilities are artificial water bodies used extensively to manage runoff from urban areas, prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and to improve water quality in adjacent bodies of water.

Maintenance of these ponds includes bank stabilization, structural repairs, and removal of excess sediment. To ensure proper function, a total cleanout of the SWMP is required periodically, which requires drainage of the SWMP and proper management and disposal of any contaminated sediments.

Ground Force Environmental has extensive experience in these SWMP cleanouts, employing an innovative methodology that is efficient, environmentally friendly, non-intrusive, and minimizes odors. This is particularly important as many of these ponds are often located in residential areas.

Among the services Ground Force Environmental offers are: Pond dewatering, inflow diversion, sediment excavation, sediment disposal, reconstruction of ponds and berms, landscape restoration, tree removal/replacement, and erosion control.

Competitive Advantages
  • Established relationships with fill sites and disposal facilities

  • Ground Force Environmental employs their own unique methodologies (filter bags and solidification agents), preferred over traditional methods by conservation authorities as it eliminates sediment drying time and area required for drying beds

  • Experience in dealing with unique/challenging access routes

  • Unconventional techniques available such as dredging if de-watering is not the preferred methodology

  • Relationships with conservation governmental entities, cities, municipalities, and developers/land owners