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Water Treatment Systems

For any number of reasons, water can become impacted with contaminants ranging from VOCs, suspended solids to petroleum hydrocarbons, metals and PAHs. The goal of any water treatment system is, of course, clean water meeting the predetermined discharge criteria, but different problems will require different solutions.

As one of the most experienced water treatment contractors in Canada, Ground Force Environmental is well suited to provide you with the solution required to attain the water quality you need.

Ground Force Environmental has a fleet of portable water treatment systems that can be mobilized on short timelines. For unique situations, Ground Force Environmental can custom-build a system to meet site-specific requirements, implementing such technologies as free-phase separation, precipitation and coagulation, air stripping, adsorptive filtration, and chemical reagents.

Our treatment systems have been used for emergency spill response, excavation dewatering, pumping and treating of groundwater contamination, and for re-injections and chemical dosing for in-situ remediation applications.

Ground Force Environmental has technicians and engineers on staff who are well versed in the operation and maintenance of these systems and can be called upon to work on both new and existing treatment systems.

With our extensive history of successful projects, Ground Force Environmental can implement a system that will be both reliable and cost-effective.

Competitive Advantages
  • Experience with a variety of technologies, ensuring a suitable solution

  • On-staff technicians on call 24/7 to ensure smooth operation of your system

  • Pre-built portable water treatment systems that can be mobilized at short notice

  • Ground Force Environmental is a distributor of MYCELX, a proprietary polymer used for removing oil from water